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At Alcor Exchange, we believe in flexibility, allowing projects to seamlessly integrate their tokens into our UI application for broader visibility. Here's a quick guide to get your token listed:

  1. Default Token Information Provider:

    • Alcor Exchange uses the eos-airdrops repository ( as the default token information provider.

    • To have your project's token listed, simply add it to the eos-airdrops repository. Please note that PR approvals may take some time.

  2. Video Tutorial:

    • Watch this helpful video tutorial by MikeDCrypto: Alcor Token Listing Tutorial.

    • This video provides step-by-step guidance on adding your token to the eos-airdrops repository.

  3. Fast Track – Direct Pull Request:

    • For a quicker approach, you can directly submit a pull request in the alcor-ui repository (

    • Navigate to assets/tokens/<:chain>/ and add your token following this structure: "<:symbol>_<:contract>.png" (both names in lowercase).

    • Ensure your token image is 64x64 in size and in .png format.

  4. Non-Technical Option – Telegram Request:

    • If you're not tech-savvy, don't worry! Request token addition in the Alcor Telegram chat: @alcorexchange.

    • Our community is here to assist you in the process.

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