How to Use Alcor Price Oracle

In 4 easy steps!

We've made it even easier for you to get started with the Alcor Price Oracle! You can find the full interface project at this GitHub repository:

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you effectively utilize the Alcor Price Oracle:

Step 1: Copy the hpp folder from our repository where we've provided a full interface for using the Alcor Price Oracle and paste it into your own project.

Step 2: Access the Alcor Price Oracle within your cpp project by simply adding the following line of code:

uint128_t AlcorPriceOracle::getPriceTwapX64(poolId, twapInterval)

Note: Most protocols use a 30-minute running TWAP, but it's essential to understand the trade-offs involved. Longer TWAPs are more tamper-resistant but may provide less accurate data during volatility. Shorter TWAPs offer more accurate data during volatility but may be less tamper-resistant. Consider your project needs and risks when selecting the TWAP length.

Step 3: Modify and adapt it to work with your DApp's architecture and requirements.

Step 4: Collaborate with the Community We encourage you to join our community and engage with developers who are using the Alcor Price Oracle in their projects. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing are essential for building a stronger WAX Defi ecosystem.

By following these steps and using our provided interface, you can effortlessly integrate the Alcor Price Oracle into your project and leverage accurate and reliable asset prices on the WAX blockchain.

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