Overview of "Swap" Tab

The Swap page serves as a convenient and simplified way to exchange one currency to another by utilizing liquidity pools rather than order books.

(If you wish to place a limit order or market order, that will be done under "Markets")
In addition to exchanging, it also provides the capability of adding to and subtracting from the liquidity pool. Finally, it shows simple chart data on the history of the exchange rate of your selected pair, liquidity pool amounts, and volume.
When you first enter this section, by default it will take you to the swap tab. If you wish to add or subtract liquidity, you must click on + Liquidity or - Liquidity.
Swap (red box) - This is the "swap" tab.
+Liquidity (blue box) - The Add Liquidity Section
-Liquidity (pink box) - The Subtract Liquidity Section
Quote Estimate (brown box) - This will give you a quote on the current exchange rate of the tokens you are trying to swap. Enter the amount of token you wish to exchange in the top brown box. The lower brown box will then automatically fill to give the quoted exchange amount. This quoted amount will fluctuate as it is constantly updating with the new market quote data. (You can swap the top and bottom selected tokens easily by clicking the white down pointing arrow in the middle.)
Remember, this is the same as placing a "market order" so depending on the tokens liquidity and order books, the exchange rate wont be perfect.
Amount of Coin Available In Wallet (green box) - This will indicate the available amount of each token you currently own of the 2 tokens you have selected. Tokens that you have in buy and sell orders waiting to be fulfilled are not considered available therefor you must either wait for your order to be filled or cancel the order.
For more information on buy and sell orders check Markets.
To see all of the tokens you own and have available check Wallet.
Tokens selected (light blue box) - You can select between the individual tokens you want to exchange. The dropdown menu will only show the tokens with available markets paired with the other coin selected. If you cant find the token you are looking to swap to, it's likely that a market for the specific pair does not exist.
Adjust Slippage Tolerance (orange box) - This will allow you to automatically set the amount of slippage you will tolerate. Token pairs will low volume and liquidity will likely have a much higher slippage than token pairs with high volume and high liquidity. For for information on slippage check Definitions.
Additional Quote Information (purple box) -
  • Minimum received - The minimum amount of token you will receive after all fees and slippage.
  • Rate - The current exchange rate between the 2 tokens you have selected
  • Price Impact - The impact that your individual order will have on the price of the token exchange pair. Token pairs with low volume and low liquidity will have a much bigger price impact than token pairs with high volume and liquidity.
  • Slippage - The difference between the expected price of a trade and the price at which the trade is executed.
  • Liquidity Source Fee - A .3% fee that is charged on every trade and distributed between the liquidity providers of that token pairs liquidity pool.