How it works

Key Terms

-WAX: The native coin on WAX.

-LSW: A reward-bearing token received when staking WAX with Alcor DEX.

-Staker Multisig: Account on Alcor holding stakers’ funds.

Process Overview

  1. Initiation: User stakes WAX and deposits it into an Alcor Staking Contract.2.

  2. Calculation and Minting: The contract calculates LSW based on WAX´s exchange rate, mints LSW, and sends it to the user's WAX account.

  3. Stake: Alcor contract uniformly stakes across the top 21 Guilds on WAX using the liquid.alcor account.

  4. Compound: Alcor constantly claims revenue from WAX DeFi and retakes the profits, ensuring capital efficiency in terms of voting power and resource availability.

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