LSW- Liquid Staked WAX

Liquid staking allows users to stake their native tokens, receive a liquid token (LSW) in return, and actively participate in DeFi applications, enhancing liquidity and flexibility.

Liquid Staking

Liquid staking empowers users to stake native tokens without locking them, providing a liquid token for use in various DeFi applications. This paper introduces $LSW, aiming to revolutionize staking on the WAX blockchain.


  1. Liquidity and Flexibility: $LSW allows users to earn staking rewards while retaining the flexibility to trade or use staked assets instantly, eliminating the trade-off between staking for APR and engaging in DeFi activities.

  2. Improved Network Security: Encouraging more token holders to stake enhances overall blockchain network security.

  3. Capital Efficiency: $LSW provides a more capital-efficient solution for blockchain projects and DeFi applications, avoiding having to constantly claim WAX tokens and vote for a set of proxies or validators.

$LSW Use Cases

  1. DEX LiquiditY: The WAX/LSW facilitates liquid staking and immediate access to locked fund from staking contracts.

  2. Lending: LSW as collateral in lending protocols “cough cough”

  3. Staking Derivatives: Creation of staking derivatives such as stakers’ baskets and leveraged staking positions.

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