Creating Farm Incentives - Quick Tutorial

Ready to boost liquidity and earn rewards on Alcor Farms? Here's a quick guide on how to create farm incentives:

Step 1: Access the Farm Visit to access the Farm Incentive Creation interface.

Step 2: Ensure Token Availability Make sure you have access to one of the tokens contract in the swap pair you intend to use for the farm. This is crucial for creating a seamless experience.

Step 3: Token Whitelisting Currently, only whitelisted tokens are eligible to be added as rewards in the farm. If your desired token is not whitelisted, don't worry! You can apply for its inclusion by reaching out to us in the Telegram chat at @alcorexchange.

Note: For any assistance or queries during the process, our Telegram and Discord chat are here to help. Happy farming! πŸŒΎπŸ’°

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