What is Alcor Exchange?

Alcor Exchange is an extremely flexible decentralized exchange with a focus on self-listing

Alcor Exchange stands out as a highly versatile decentralized exchange, placing a strong emphasis on self-listing capabilities. Fueled by an incredible community, Alcor has rapidly become one of the most dynamic DEX platforms online.

Leveraging EOSIO blockchain technology, Alcor seamlessly integrates WAX, BOS, TELOS, EOS, and Proton blockchains, offering you a comprehensive trading experience.

  • Liquidity Pools

  • Orderbook DEX

  • Concentrated liquidity

  • Self-Listing Orderbook/Pools

  • Yield Farming

  • Limit/Market Trading

  • OTC Trading

  • NFT Trading

  • Token Creation

  • Market Pair Creation

  • Token / NFT Wallet

No Whitelisting Needed!

Alcor Exchange puts the power in your hands. Say goodbye to the traditional need for whitelisting as Alcor enables you to open new markets independently.

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