Open Orders

*This is not financial advice*

Brown Box - View your history of executed orders for your selected token pair.

Red Box - Your "ask" order (or your "sell" order).

Green Box - Your "bid" order (or your "buy" order).

Pink Box - The price you have your bids set for

Blue Box - The token you are bidding.

Yellow Box - Cancel any order as long as it has not been filled.

When placing limit orders in the market, "buying and selling" is referred to as "bid and ask". When you "bid" a token at a specific price, you are "asking" to receive that tokens pair in the market pair you have selected.

Because this is the TLM/WAX pair, you are "bidding" WAX and "asking" for TLM in return (see the blue box in the bid (green box) row.

But when you want to "sell" your TLM, you are then "bidding" TLM and "asking" for wax in return. (see the blue box lined up the ask (red box) row.

This can get confusing because the wording can be switched around depending on if you are looking at it from front to back or back to front.

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