Technical details

Onchain Farming: Alcor Farming operates entirely on-chain, leveraging a reward calculation algorithm without relying on any backend services. This ensures transparency and security throughout the farming process.

Claiming Rewards: Users have the flexibility to claim accumulated rewards at any time. Additionally, they can easily finish or resume their participation in farming as per their preferences.

Farm Parameters: Each farm is characterized by two main parameters:

  1. Reward Amount: Calculated proportionally to the liquidity value in the position, offering fair compensation for your contribution.

  2. Duration: Specifies the timeframe during which users can participate in farming and earn rewards.

Key Tables in swap.alcor Contract: Understanding the backend, there are three essential tables within the swap.alcor contract related to farming:

  1. Incentives: Contains details about reward incentives.

  2. Stakingpos: Maps positions to corresponding arrays of incentives, illustrating the staked positions.

  3. Stakes: Scoped by incentive ID, this table holds the state of farming positions.

Whitelisting Tokens: To enhance the farming experience, Alcor maintains a whitelist containing available tokens that users can earn as rewards.

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