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How to navigate through and understand each area of Alcor Exchange on desktop version

*Documentation is in progress and incomplete. Please be patient if there are incomplete areas you are trying to view*

*These examples are taken from the WAX mainnet which is currently the most pupular. Other Mainnets may show slightly different information*

Swap (Red Box) - The Swap page serves as a convenient and simplified way to exchange one currency to another. (Swapping is the equivalent of placing a market order in any exchange. If you wish to place a limited order, that will be done under "Markets") In addition to exchanging, it also provides the capability of adding to and subtracting from the liquidity pool. Finally, it shows simple chart data on the history of the exchange rate of your selected pair, liquidity pool amounts, and volume.

Markets (Yellow Box) - The Markets tab will bring you to a master list of all of the coin pairs available under your selected Mainnet.

OTC (Green Box) - OTC or "Over-The-Counter" is a market where any user can offer one currency for another at a price they choose to list it at.

NFT (Blue box) - Alcor Exchange is not just limited to trading regular cryptocurrency. NFT or "Non Fungible Token" is a market place where users can list their NFT's for sale as well.

Wallet (Pink Box) - This will open your currently connected wallet to show the currencies and FT's (Fungible Tokens) you currently own. (Note, any tokens you have listed in a buy or sell order will not show up in your wallet until you cancel the order or it is fulfilled.)

Docs (Purple Box) - Docs brings you here, to the Alcor Documentation.

Mainnet (Orange Box) - Select the mainnet you wish to trade in.

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