Amm Swap Contract API

Swap contract API explanation

All chains have Alcor Swap contract by same account name: swap.alcor


There is two types of swap:

swapexactin: To swap all input amount to maximum amount of out token.

swapexactout: Swap input tokens to exact out token amount and return change from input token.

To swap one token to another, transfer input token to swap contract with specifit memo:

<swapexactin/swapexactout>#<Pool ID's>#<Recipient>#<Output Token>#<Deadline>#market

// Example
swapexactin#0#alcordexfund#3.9167 TLM@alien.worlds#0

// OR // where market.contract your market contract to receive market fee
swapexactin#0#alcordexfund#3.9167 TLM@alien.worlds#0#market.contract


  • swapexactin/swapexactout - Swap type

  • Pool ID's: Sequence of the pools id's that swap will use

  • Recipient: Account to receive swap output token

  • Output token: Desired output token amount as extended asset string.

  • Deadline: limit time in seconds when swap transaction is valid.

  • Market: account to receive additional swap fee (use regmarket action to set your market).

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