Providing liquidity

Described detailed explanation on providing liquidity for Alcor Swap AMM

The Alcor Swap AMM user interface for creating a new position is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, with clear guidance and helpful tooltips to assist users throughout the process.

Form Fields

Upon navigating to the new position page, users are presented with a form where they can input details about the new liquidity position they want to create. The form includes the following fields:

  • Token Pair: A dropdown menu or search bar where users can select the tokens they want to create a liquidity position for. This includes the base and quote tokens.

  • Price Range: A slider or input fields where users can set the range of prices they want their liquidity position to cover. The range is typically represented as a graph below the form, showing the potential returns at different price points.

  • Liquidity Amount: A field where users can input the amount of liquidity they want to provide for their new position. This can be denominated in either or both of the base and quote tokens, depending on user preference.

  • Fee Tier: A dropdown menu or set of radio buttons where users can select the fee tier for their position. This ranges from 0.05% to 1%.

  • Estimated Shares and 24H Fees retruning: Approximately the value that reflects the predicted value of profitability, provided that the price is in the range of the position and the liquidity is equal to the current one.

Confirmation and Transaction Signing

Once the user has filled out the necessary information, they can review and confirm their new position. This typically involves verifying the details of the position and signing the transaction with their connected wallet.


Overall, the Alcor Swap AMM user interface for creating a new position is designed to be straightforward and easy to use, with clear instructions and visual aids to guide users through the process. By providing a customizable range of options, Alcor Swap AMM allows users to create liquidity positions that suit their specific needs and investment strategies.

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