Open new market

To create new market. Follow next steps

*This is not financial advice*

To Learn How to Navigate to "open new market" click HERE

To create a market for an existing token pair, you will use Auto Select

Pink Box - RAM will be included in the cost to facilitate your new market pair.

Red Box - Select the base token you want to use for your pair.

Blue Box - Select the new "quote" token you want to pair with your base token

Yellow Box - Switch to Manual token selection

Or, if you do not have token that you want to list, you have to use manual mode.

To create a market pair Manually

Green Box - Select your base token.

Red Box - Manually enter your quote tokens contract.

Yellow Box - Manually enter symbol for the market pair you are creating.

Pink Box - Shows total cost of new market creation fee .

*Only tokens already in your connected wallet will show in the drop-down token selection menus.

*When creating a new token pair, the exchange value will be calculated automatically.

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