Swap Widget

Html widget for integration in your website.
Chose link for your chain:
  • WAX:
  • EOS:
  • TELOS:
  • XPR:
Now you can easily integrate Alcor Exchange into your app.
<iframe src="" width="445" height="600"></iframe>
Just insert an iframe into your html page.
For example:
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Page Title</title>
<h1>Alcor Iframe<h1/>
<iframe src="" width="445" height="600"></iframe>
Query parameters: (for the widget link)
token id format is: symbol-coontract (e.g: wax-eosio.token)
  • input: default input token
  • output: default output token
  • only: set available tokens for dropdown: set, with "," as delimeter. (e.g: "wax-eosio.token, tlm-alien.worlds")
  • market: cursont market fee (check Referal / Custom market fee page)