Contract actions

Description of contract actions and memo format.

Open new market

Transfer 3.0000 EOS to dex contract account with memo: new_market|0.<token_precision> <token_symbol>@<token_contract>

Example memo:

new_market|0.00000000 WEED@weedcashnt

Check dex contract account name on Developers API main page.

Submit order

Send the amount(bid) you want to sell to dex contract account, and specify the amount you ask in the memo, the price and market will be automatically determined in the contract. Memo format(ask token): <token_amount> <token_symbol>@<token_contract>


1000.0000 TKT@eossanguotkt

Make sure you provide token contract and correct precision!

Order cancelation

Call action cancelsell or cancelbuy with parameters

  • executor - order owner account name

  • market_id - id of the order related market

  • order_id - order id.

View actions on (Links)

Cancelbuy Cancelsell

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