Placing Trades

*This is not financial advice*

This image shows the trade pair for TLM and WAX.

Purple Circle - The default view of trading is a limit order. If you wish to place a market order, click on "Market Trade" (Brown Box)

Green Box - The left side is the buy menu.

Red Box - The Right side is the sell menu.

Yellow Arrow - Amount of each token available in your wallet.

Yellow Box - A slider to choose % of token in your wallet you wish to use to buy or sell.

Blue Arrow - Choose the price you wish to make a trade at. Look at the Graph for more data on where you want to set the price.

Green Arrow - Choose the amount of your selected token you wish to buy or sell. This will autofill its quoted value in the second token in the pair you are trading (Pink Arrow) at the price you have selected.

Pink Arrow - The quoted amount of the second token in the pair you wish to trade. Entering the amount of this token will automatically fill the first token with its equivalent amount at the price you have selected.

Unfilled limit orders that are waiting to be filled will not be available in your wallet until that order has either been filled or canceled.

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